Ethan Brown Pheels

A strange rock in a box is linked to a shooting star that fell 54 years ago

She and her team hunted down image negatives containing fireballs stored at the German Aerospace Center in Augsburg. After digitizing the images, the researchers estimated various parameters related to the incoming meteors, such as their masses, shapes, speeds and entry angles. Using this data, the researchers identified a dozen events that most likely produced sizable…

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As Ukraine expands its military draft, some men are in hiding

Tymofii Brik, a sociologist at the Kyiv School of Economics, said polls “suggest that the willingness to defend the nation among Ukrainians has remained constant” throughout the war, with about a third of people indicating a willingness to serve. However, Ukraine’s mobilization has opened up painful divisions in society. Vitaliy Bondarenko, a 29-year-old conscript officer…

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