The Government of Milei has made official the number of Domingo Cavallo’s daughter as ambassador to the Organization of American States

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The government has officially este miércoles el nombramiento de Sonia Cavallodaughter of the former Minister of Economy Domingo Cavallo, as eAmbassador to the Organization of American States (OAS).

The appointment became effective pursuant to Decree 433/2024, which takes the form of the president Javier Milei and Chancellor Diana Mondino, which was published in the Boletín Oficial.

The official designation will now go to the Senate of the Nation, which will have to pay attention to the designation of Cavallo as ambassador.

The Executive Power was named in the Ministry of External Relations, International Trade and Worship, as the function of the category “A” “of conformity with the establishment by the article 5° of the Law of the External Service of the Nation N° 20.957”. This rule establishes that the National Government may “exceptionally designate ambassadors and plenipotentiaries to persons who, not belonging to the External Service of the Nation, pose relevant conditions”.

Born in 1973 in Córdoba, where she is the Minister of Convertibility, Sonia has a degree in Economics from the University of San Andrés and holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. She was a founder of the Centro de Políticas Públicas para la Equidad (CIPPEC). She wrote with her father “Historia Económica de la Argentina” published by the editorial El Ateneo.

It is home to Daniel F. Runde, who holds a high position in the recognized Centro de Estudios Estratégicos e Internacionales (CSIS) de los Estados Unidos.

The Argentine embajada before the OAS is the most important American organism, from which the United States plays the strongest, Cavallo Runde will give it a completely different profile to the diplomatic headquarters that the ultra Kirchnerist militant Carlos Raimundi manned, who received instructions from the Cancellation until the his own Cristina Kirchner and Oscar Parrilli.

The daughter of Minister Carlos Menem and Fernando de la Rúa will have a mandate until December 10, 2027, due to the fact that the decree declares that “it will be considered extended for the time that lasts the mandate of the President of the Nation who has carried it out”.

“The action that requires the fulfillment of this decree will be attributed to the specific parties of Jurisdiction 35 – MINISTERIO DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES, COMERCIO INTERNACIONAL Y CULTO”, clarifies the text.

Sonia Cavallo’s official announcement was made shortly after her parents’ speech at the IAEF Annual Congress, where President Milei recommended progress in the creation of “a free market for the dollar”.

“For the moment Milei has postponed the things he said during the campaign. I’m surprised that a free market for the dollar hasn’t been created. This means eliminating the cepo for all monetary and financial transactions and leaving it exclusively for commercial transactions,” expressed Domingo Cavallo.

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