The United States receives “unilateral” recognition of Palestine from Spain, Norway and Ireland

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US President Joe Biden believes a Palestinian state must be won through negotiations and not through unilateral recognition. This is how the White House indicated it after Ireland, Spain and Norway said they would recognize a Palestinian state this month.

“President it is a partisan society of a two-state solution and he has seen it throughout his career,” said a spokesperson for the Consejo de Seguridad Nacional de la Casa Blanca. “It is necessary to achieve this through direct negotiations between the parties, not through unilateral recognition,” he added.

During the end of the week, Biden signaled this confirmed the recognition of the States in a speech delivered during the graduation ceremony of Morehouse College, he defined the solution as “the only one in which two pubescents live in peace, security and dignity”.

In a call with magazines on Tuesday, an official ensured that the process was “on track” for define the post-conflict phasewith dos Estados, once the fighting was over.

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