Less than 9 people destroyed scenery during a political act in Mexico

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At least 9 people murieron and 63 other results heridas these miracles in the north of Mexicoexploded a scenario during the campaign act of the presidential candidate by the opposing party Movimento Ciudadano (MC), Jorge Álvarez Máynez.

A strong gust of wind tumbled the structure located in the El Obispo baseball field, where Máynez desarrollaba the campaign bell of Lorenia Canavati, candidate for the mayor of San Pedro Garza García, in the northern state of New León.

“After visiting Clinic 7 and complaining that the number of people affected by the accident has risen to 8 adults and 1 minor. The heroes who are in this culture are stable,” said Samuel García, governor of Nuevo León, in his story of X.

Furthermore, he specifies: “Now I’m going to Clinic 21 where three people are on surgery. Then I’ll go to the University Hospital to have the corresponding evaluations. I’ll follow by informing.”

Máynez, the candidate of the small opposing party Movimento Ciudadano — located in the third place in your preferences —, said in In the images that are going viral in social networks, he is seen running quickly while the towers and the main screen of the scenario develop, when they stand despising his followers.

“Please note that heavy rains are coming in the next few hours. If an event lasted 15 minutes, unfortunately there was a situation where several people were injured during a campaign in San Pedro Garza García,” said the governor .

The mayor of San Pedro Garza García, Miguel Treviño, said for his part that he had people “atrapadas y lesionadas” and that both the police and elements of civil protection were in the place. The military spectacle was also observed in the images of the area.

“My words are with the victims of this accident,” Treviño added to his cuenta de X.

“I lament the accident in San Pedro Garza García, caused by a strong wind during the act which was witnessed by Jorge Álvarez Máynez, candidate for the presidency of the Citizens’ Movement and other militants, leaders and candidates of that party”, indicated the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador in your Red Social X account.

Mexico’s other presidential candidates also expressed their condolences over the incident. “I wish it was all right with the candidates and assistants at the event of the Movimiento Ciudadano in Nuevo León,” wrote Claudia Sheinbaum, candidate of the official and widest choice to win the presidency, on X.

A strong gust of wind hit the structure where Máynez stood at the head of an electoral act in Mexico.

Therefore, would-be center opponent Xóchitl Gálvez stated: “Todo corazón deseo que no haya heridos de gravedad por lo curido en elevento de Movimiento Ciudadano en Nuevo León.”

Mexico is preparing to celebrate the biggest comics in its history on June 2, in which presidents, congressmen, 32 new governors and thousands of local officials will be elected.

In total, just over 20,000 loads are in dispute, in a campaign marked by the violence of organized crime, with a toll of 30 aspirants deserted since the passage of September 23 when the electoral process began, according to the civil organization Data Civica

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