The Campora and Kicillof leave the interior and close the rows to support Espinoza

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The trial of Fernando Espinoza for alleged sexual abuse took place on the sidelines of the internal discussion on Bonaerense Peronism. Axel Kicillof respaled it with the presence of him in an act in Lomas del Mirador, La Matanza, on the day following the one in which he knew the decision of the jueza Fabiana Galletti. “Have you stopped acting on Justice”if he defended the superintendent of the most populous district of the province, he handed him over in this case shared by the governor and the representatives of La Cámpora.

Espinoza was on trial a week ago, but the resolution was known this month. The report was made on May 10, 2021. A woman who worked in the municipality “in black” accused him of pressing her to have dinner at her house and, following his declaration, the third party, after the superintendent wore his trousers, slipped over them She with “impúdicos tocamientos”until he gave up on his resistance and was bored.

Kicillof shared an activity with the intendant and Veronica Magario, deputy governor and former municipal leader of La Matanza, while the province sent 50 patrulleros to the district. This same day Espinoza tried to discredit the complaint.

This is absolutely false. Nothing will happen to anyone who has been reported under any concept. This is a mentira armada. We must act on justice,” he said in a press release from the municipality. Jueza too he prosecuted him for disobedienceto try to ascertain the weight of the complainant who had had an order of restriction.

“It was an act of management, of hiring patrol officers. The key is what Justice says. She is the only one who has the power to decide something about it,” they sneered next to Kicillof above the photo which implied a response to the municipal jefe of La Matanza.

Espinoza is one of the connoisseurs who give impetus to the governor -with less visibility than other relatives such as Jorge Ferraresi or Mario Secco- a central mayoral role in Bonaerense Peronism, dear to the ongoing dispute with the organization led by Máximo Kirchner for the decision-making process and the next electoral lapicera in the main district of the country.

Aun so in La Cámpora dejaron outside the interior is the location of Kicillof in Espinozaand they coincided in no clash in Espinoza unless there was a possible sentence. “To implement justice, which should be expressed as quickly as possible, starting from the fault the perpetrator will have to act accordingly”, transmits the position from the sector of the owner of the Bonaerense PJ.

We were victims, we were not going to enter it.”he joined in allusion to Cristina Kirchner’s conviction for six years in prison for the Vialidad case, and returned the license request claimed by the PRO executives: “Macri assumed process and after that he was absuelto”.

The contacts who responded directly to the vice president were also contemplative with Espinoza. “He is the superintendent of the most important district of the conurban. I don’t act as a defender, but he (Kicillof) keeps it que bancar. Yes, I was the governor of Hubiese, hecho lo mismo. Then, if you declare him guilty, let him play”, justified a manager linked to the former president, without letting him use the closest hand, in the case of a guilty foul.

The trial also took place in the session of the Tuesdays en Diputados, when the Macrist Silvia Lospennato proposed to vote for a repudio. “The silence of those who defend gender politics is intolerable”he asked the PRO legislator.

What I’m doing is a paparruchada. Present an expedient, have a project and we’ll go with it. Biribiri con las mujeres no se hace”, replied Cecilia Moreau, and alluded to the trial for sexual abuse of Manuel Mosca, former Bonaerense legislator of the PRO: “If they watched it during four years, he was president of the Cámara de Diputados. No caraduras”.

Lospennato claimed that the Bonaerense Legislature would reject Espinoza’s license, even though in the opposition blocs to the Union for the Fatherland they indicated that at the moment they could not foresee moving forward in that direction. “It’s a judicial issue. At the sumo we can impulsar a repudio, but not hay anything hablado”, assured a provincial deputy of the PRO.

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